Greenheart Publishing represents international music publishers in several territories and

a growing number of composers &

songwriters for the


As fully independent music publishers and administration backoffice we offer several services to composers, producers, artists, record companies, music publishers and other copyright owners.

Our focus is on rights management and collecting publishing royalties, neighbouring rights and other monies. We do that fast, efficiently and at competitive rates  

These are our activities & services

  1. *Administration/  Collection of performing, mechanical and neighbouring rights

  2. *Music rights management.

  3. *Legal advise and consulting

* Maximalisation of royalty income

* Song placement  and creative services to Artists and Record companies

  1. *Synchronisation for film, commercials, audiovisual productions and television

* Placement of music tracks on compilations

* Clearances of music, samples and tracks.

  1. *Management of the ‘Greenheart Production Music’ label and third party labels .

Greenheart Publishing is a member of the Dutch Music Publishers Association (NMUV)  and the Society of  Production Music Library Publishers (VPMLU).

As established library music publishers with strategic alliances, we are presently interested to sign composers/producers with the aim of publishing and licensing their works  for synch worldwide.

We work together with agents in New York, Nashville, Berlin, Tokyo, London and other territories like Australia ,Russia and Canada